Wilite IoT Service level agreement (SLA) monitoring solutions

Service level agreements have traditionally been very hard agreements to track, with third parties being involved. This SLA solution can and should become an industry standard due to the disconnection between the clients and service providers.

Wilite IoT has engineered a solution which encompasses 4 aspects:

  • monitoring of escalators and lifts operation,
  • monitoring of facility management areas (toilets, common areas etc),
  • monitoring of air conditioning throughout the building,
  • monitoring of TV screens displaying health and safety information as well as digital advertising.

Typically a Lift or Escalator can be shut down/broken for days at a time with every person assuming the last person had informed someone in facilities management, who in turn would alert the service provider. Escalator and lift operation can be monitored by means of wireless IoT sensors and with some Artificial Intelligence (AI), derive value and insight from the data being collected, to alert the service provider or facilities management of down-time.

Monitor facilities and subcontractors staff in their daily duties of stocking and cleaning by using Wilite IoT wireless feedback pads to rate the facilities areas or request products to be restocked.

The air conditioning temperature can be monitored by wireless IoT temperature sensors strategically placed around the building, alerts may be sent to identify when areas are not in the optimal temperature range.

Monitor TV’s in the building which display digital advertising, health & safety notices. By simply using Wilite wireless IoT sensors to monitor if the TV’s are always switched on and sending alerts when they are switched off.

Putting all four applications together and generating reports based on their results, means that you are able to assess if SLA agreement are being met.

With the open API architecture offering across our Wilite IoT sensors & control range you can represent the data in your own way and add new sensors when needed, making it a scalable solution.

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