Wilite IoT Asset Tracking solution

Asset tracking has become a standard phrase in IoT circles but is almost always over-engineered and uba-expensive.

Using an RFID tag is relatively inexpensive, but the part nobody talks about is the most expensive, the reader!

Imagine wanting to track a laptop through your building, it's relatively inexpensive when considering the cost per RFID tag but it becomes a different story when installing an RFID reader in each room, this can amount to millions in capital outlay.
eg. RFID tag = R10.00 RFID reader = R60,000.00 - now multiply the rooms in a building, Ouch!
When using Wilite’s technology, the readers price drops dramatically and makes the project more feasible.

The ROI of the project can diminish by years using the right technology.

We choose devices with a flavour of our locally engineered technology giving us more flexibility for our clientele. Our expertise in data management allows us to capture, upload, store and process the big data to showcase process flows, stock loss, people tracking etc. There is no limit to what can be achieved in a business with the right information at your fingertips.

Partner with Wilite for your IoT asset tracking solution!


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