Wilite Wireless Hotel Card Switch solution (HCS)

The Wilite Hotel Card Switch solution is a wireless switch activated by existing hotel keycards. This solution can also be described as “card holder switch” or the “energy saving switch”

Take energy saving out of your guests hands!
The hotel operator can easily avoid unnecessary energy costs – By automating the switching OFF of the air conditioning and Lighting when the guest is not in the room.

Advantages of the Wilite Hotel Card Switch solution:

  • in energy/expense due to automated control or optimisation by
  • the switching OFF of air conditioning and lighting in the room,
  • Retrofit to any room, regardless of how it is wired,
  • Freely locate the Hotel Card Switch, Battery powered - means no wiring,
  • Locally designed and manufactured - support is readily available,
  • Custom design of the Hotel Card Switch available, giving it your own style.

Return of investment The ROI (return of investment) of the Wilite Hotel Card Switch solution can be as short as one season, even with moderate occupancy of the room or apartment.


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