Wilite IoT Energy Saving solution - New and Used car dealerships

Showrooms for new or pre-owned cars have a notoriously high energy consumption due to a multitude of factors, to name just a few: lighting, air conditioning,workshop machinery & human error.

One solution is to retrofit all existing equipment with the newest technology on the market, this will positively affect the energy usage but becomes a major initial capital outlay.

Another way to look at a cost effective solution is to install simple IoT automation to the current lighting, air conditioning & workshop machinery - taking control away from the human. It’s a smaller capital outlay and return on investment (ROI) is achieved sooner, enabling your savings to pay for the next initiative.

The first step taken in any savings initiative is to measure consumption in order to create a baseline.

By monitoring power consumption and ambient temperatures using Wilite IoT sensors, strategically placed around the buildings, we are able to drill down to the root causes of wasted energy usage, on a very granular level.

It was determined that fitting simple Wilite IoT control devices to schedule the lighting, air conditioning and equipment would yield the quickest return. The addition of daylight harvesting and occupancy IoT sensors allowed for a further increase in savings.
One of our agents, LEMS Energy Management services, has successfully rolled-out this solution to a number of dealers.

These projects saw an average of 46% drop in consumption, amounting to the group spending R2.5 million and saving R14.8 million so far.


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